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Banquet Terms and Conditions

Banquet Terms and Conditions

Audio/Visual Services
PSAV is the exclusive provider of power and rigging in function rooms. Additional electrical power distribution is available in all function rooms and subject to charge. Charges will be based on labor and actual per dropped per specifications. All audio-visual services are subject to a labor charge and applicable sales tax. PSAV and the Hilton Bayfront is not responsible for services and equipment provided by an outside Audio Visual Company

Decorations, Music and Entertainment
Recommendations for florists, décor, specialty linens and Entertainment can be provided by your Event Manager or by our
in-house décor and floral company, Access Destinations. Please be advised that all props and items contracted through outside vendors must file a Hold Harmless Agreement with the hotel and be removed immediately upon the conclusion of your event.

Function Rooms
Function rooms are subject to change should your guaranteed attendance increase or decrease beyond your function room capacity. The setup requirements are considered final once you have signed your BEOs. Changes made to setup on the day of your event may be subject to a re-set fee. Extra charges may also apply for unusual setup requirements, extra electrical hookups or telecommunication equipment.

In arranging for private functions, the final attendance must be specified and communicated to the Hotel by 11 a.m. a minimum of three (3) business days prior to the event. This number will be considered a final guarantee not subject to reduction. Guarantees for Sunday and Monday are due by 11 a.m. on the previous Thursday. Guarantees for Tuesday are due by 11 a.m. on the previous Friday. If a guarantee is not given to the Hotel by 11 a.m. on the date it is due, the expected number(s) indicated on the banquet event order will become the guarantee. We will set up for 3 percent over the guarantee for the group, after that a surcharge will apply. An increase in guarantee after the three (3) business days’ count is given, is not subject to overset. The Hotel will not be responsible for identical service to more than 3 percent over the guarantee. Banquet seating will be rounds of ten (10) guests each. If a lower ratio is required, additional labor charges may apply. The Hotel will set tables and chairs 3% over the guarantee based upon space availability. The set for all continental breakfasts, coffee breaks and receptions will be the same as the guarantee.  Dietary restriction numbers are required when the guarantee is provided. If there are no dietary selections listed on the original Arrangements. The hotel reserves the right to provide special meals to a number not greater than 15% of the actual guarantee. Meals required due to an allergy condition will be accommodated.

Policy concerning increases in Guarantees: Please note the following shall apply to all increases in guarantees received within 3 business days - Guarantee increases over 3% of original guarantee received 24 to 48 hours prior to the function shall incur a 10% price increase.
- Guarantee increases over 3% of the original guarantee received within 24 hours shall incur a 15% price increase.
New Orders within 3 business days—any menu ordered within 3 business days of the function date will be considered a “pop up” and subject to special menu selections and pricing. Consult your Event or Catering manager for pop up menus and pricing.

Labor Charges
BARTENDERS –Bartenders are required a fee of $200.00 is charged unless otherwise stated. One bartender is required per 100 guests.  CHEFS and CARVERS – Some menu items require Chef Attendants or Carvers and are charged at $175.00 each.
BUTLER FEE - One butler per 50 guests is required for tray pass events at $35 per hour. ROOM RENTAL/CEREMONY FEES – Your Catering Manager will quote you the applicable charges for function rooms or ceremony fees.

Lost and Found
Hilton San Diego Bayfront will not assume or accept any responsibility for damages to or loss of any merchandise or articles left in the Hotel prior to, during, or following any event.

Meal Service
Plated meal service is based on a 90 minute time frame. Package breaks are based on 30 minutes. Buffets (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Reception) are designed for 90 minutes. Buffets require a minimum of 25 guests. If this requirement is not met you will be assessed an additional $10 per guest. Reception stations are to be used in combination with 3 or more, not as stand alone. Due to health regulations and quality concerns, items from buffets may not be served during mid morning or afternoon breaks. An extension of actual service times is subject to additional labor fees. Meal service beginning after 10pm will be assessed an additional 15% menu

Menu Selection
We ask that your final menu selection be submitted no later than four (4) weeks prior to the event. All menus are limited to one entrée selection. All prices listed herein are valid through December 31, 2014, and are subject to a taxable 18 percent service charge, 6% administrative fee and the applicable state sales tax. For bookings beyond December 31, 2014, please add 5-percent-per-year increase as a standard guideline.

In addition to our published menu suggestions our culinary, catering and events teams are specialists in creating customized solutions. Let your imagination be your guide knowing that we understand special requests, budget wants and dietary requirements. We are committed to all of our guest needs including those who have special dietary restrictions (such as a food allergy, intolerance or other medically restricted diet) and are also aware that some may also adhere to a vegetarian or vegan diet. Our goal is to deliver a memorable experience through culinary skill.

· Our menus are subject to change and ingredients may vary
based on seasonality or availability.
• Bread is available upon request.
• Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry seafood,
shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness
• All Food and Beverage, including alcohol, must be purchased
through the Hotel and served by Hotel Staff.
• All pricing is guaranteed 90 days in advance of event

Outdoor Events
Due to the demands of scheduling staff and equipment movement, the hotel will meet with your 4 hours prior to the start time of your event to decide whether the function will be held inside or outside.

Packages for meetings may be delivered to the Hotel three (3) business days prior to the date of the function. The following information must be included on all packages to ensure proper delivery:

Hilton San Diego Bayfront
Guest Name and Arrival Date
Name of Event
One Park Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92101

Special mailing services are available through the Business Center at a nominal fee. For your convenience and safety, we ask that all deliveries made on your behalf to our conference center be made through our loading and unloading area. This includes all outside contractors such as musicians, florists, design companies etc.

Payment shall be made 7 days prior to the function unless credit has been established with the hotel. For payments via checks the check must be delivered to the hotel 14 business days prior to your first event. If credit is approved, the complete account is due and payable no later than 30 days from the date of the function.

Please see your contract for specific details regarding your food and beverage minimums. If the food and beverage requested falls below your contracted minimum the remaining sum will be charged to your master bill.

Property Damage
As a patron, you are responsible for any damage to any part of the Hotel during the period of time you, your attendees, employees, independent contractors or other agents under the control of any independent contractor hired by you are in the Hotel. The Hotel will not permit the affixing of anything to walls, floors, or ceilings without prior approval.

Service Charge, Gratuities, Administrative Fee and Taxes
The combined gratuity and service charge that is in effect on the day of your Event will be added to your account.  Currently, the combined charge is equal to 24% of the food and beverage total, plus any applicable state and/or local taxes.  A portion of this combined charge is a gratuity and will be fully distributed to specific employees assigned to the Event in accordance with the Hotel’s collective bargaining agreement (currently, 15.1% to Servers, Servers, Bartenders and Barbacks, 0.5% to Banquet Houseman).  Another portion of this combined charge is a gratuity and will be fully distributed to Banquet Captains assigned to the Eventin accordance with the Hotel’s collective bargaining agreement (currently up to 0.5%).  The remainder of the combined charge (currently up to 8.4%) is a service charge that is not a gratuity and is the property of the Hotel to cover discretionary and administrative costs of your Event. We will endeavor to notify you in advance of your Event of any increases to the combined charge should different gratuity and/or service charge amounts be in effect on the day of your Event.  Gratuity and service charges are currently taxed at 8%.  
Signs and Displays
Pre-Approved signage is permitted in the registration area and in private function areas only. No signs are permitted in the Hotel Lobby, on the building exterior or other public area. With advance notice, our Business Center can prepare a sign for your function at a nominal charge. The Hotel reserves the right to disapprove all signage. All signs must be professionally printed and should be free standing or on an easel. PSAV is the exclusive rigging vendor and will manage all hanging of signs/ banners.

Special Arrangements
PARKING – All parking charges are at a prevailing rate. Depending upon attendance, pre-payment parking stations may be required at an additional charge.

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