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Guest Room Deliveries

Guest Room Deliveries

Bell Services delivers non-food or packaged deliveries to the guest rooms.  The charge for deliveries is as follows:

  •  (Outside Room Deliveries) - $3.00 ea. per room/per item will be charged for any 1 piece item to be placed under door, outside door or 1pc. Door- hanger.  Examples: Newspapers, flyers, door-hanger, magazines, brochures, pamphlets, newsletters, etc.  NOTE: Door hangers with Poly bags or Dr. bags with various items inside bag to be placed on the doors. (See Excessive/Bulky deliveries below for quotes)
  • (Inside Room Deliveries) - $4.00 ea. per room for one item, plus an additional $1.00 per extra item, will be charged for any gifts that require item to be placed inside the guest room. NOTE: Price is subject to change if there are multiple items.
  • (Excessively Large/Bulk deliveries) – Starting at $6.00 ea. per room/per item will be charged for any excessively large or bulk deliveries that involve Dr. bags, Poly bags or any door hangers with various products inside bag. See Catering/ Event manager for exact pricing.

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